Nice: When vintage radios resurrect thanks to Wi-Fi and bluetooth

An air of jazz covers the silence of the small vintage shop in the port district of Nice, Au bonheur des cocottes.The notes come from a 1955 Excelssior transistor, “one of the rarest in France”.But no sizzling or jumping bands.If the sound is perfectly clear, it’s because the device has just been completely renovated by Philippe Ruiz.On the occasion of World Radio Day this Wednesday, dive into the shop of this enthusiast, who has set up his workshop Relive Vintage Radio .

When my wife opened this vintage store three years ago, I used to do a lot of hunting with her,” he recalls.One day, I found an old radio for 15 euros.She had a pretty face, but she wasn’t walking.”This is where Philippe Ruiz begins his renovation work.First, he cleans, paints, varnishes the post.Above all, it empties the electronic part and replaces it with modern equipment.”I remove everything and add Wi-Fi, bluetooth, speakers, loudspeakers, power supply, amp to have a high quality equipment, he lists.This makes it possible to have a decorative object that works.We’re picking up every radio in the world! “On the carcasses, this electronics engineer is trying to repair the on/off and volume knobs.And to bring back the light of yesteryear on the facades.

A big old radio from 1933 took over.She’s playing Frank Sinatra in the store.Soon, a Swiss singer will come to pick her up.”We also sent some to London, New York and South Africa,” he says.More than 150 radios await the moment of their resurrection in Philippe Ruiz’s workshop.